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New Day

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At Nectar Flowers, the New Day bouquet is a vibrant and captivating arrangement that signifies the start of a fresh and beautiful day. It features three stems of oriental lilies, showcasing their exquisite blooms and delicate fragrances. These lilies symbolize elegance, purity, and rejuvenation, setting the tone for a bright and optimistic day ahead. Complementing the oriental lilies are ten stems of white chrysanthemums, adding a touch of purity and serenity to the bouquet. Adding a pop-up of purple chrysanthemums and the vibrant purple hue represents creativity, dignity, and spirituality, infusing the bouquet with a sense of mystery and depth. These chrysanthemums contribute a dynamic element to the overall composition. Completing the “New Day” bouquet are carnations, known for their longevity and variety of colors. They symbolize love, admiration, and fascination, making them a meaningful addition to the bouquet.

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