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Scent Of Nature

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At Nectar Flowers Nairobi, the “Scent Of Nature” is a captivating hand-tied bouquet that not only showcases the beauty of flowers but also evokes a multisensory experience that delights the recipient. This well-arranged bouquet represents the power, purity, and love that you wish to convey to those you deeply care about and express your emotions in the best way possible. Comprising 40 stems of white roses, the “Scent Of Nature” bouquet exudes an air of elegance and grace. White roses symbolize purity, innocence, and new beginnings. Their pristine petals and delicate fragrances embody the essence of purity, creating a serene ambiance. The addition of 10 stems of fresh-scented lilies enhances the bouquet’s allure. Lilies are renowned for their exquisite beauty and captivating aroma. Their sweet and alluring fragrance fills the air, creating a sensorial experience that uplifts the spirits and creates a sense of joy and calmness. Nectar Flowers Nairobi makes the “Scent Of Nature” bouquet even more irresistible, it includes 24 pieces of Ferrero chocolate. These delectable chocolates add a touch of indulgence and sweetness to the arrangement, serving as a delightful surprise for the recipient. The combination of flowers and chocolates offers a thoughtful and luxurious gift that combines beauty and taste. Florist in Kenya, Flower delivery Nairobi, Nairobi florist, Online florist Kenya, Same-day flower delivery Nairobi, Gift shop Nairobi.

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